Hey. I'm Karen.

I am a Product Designer, currently working at Meta on internal data tools rich-text editing documentation tooling internal capacity tooling. When not designing for work, I am designing and making red envelopes. Sometimes, I even write for fun.

Also, I am usually stuffing my face with sour Prosecco gummy bears while watching British crime drama, period drama, or the NBA.

If you are still reading, you might as well check out my Proust Questionnaire.
Malwarebytes for iOS dashboard
Malwarebytes for iOS 4.0
Jul 2019 - Oct 2019
A redesign focused on improving the information architecture of a cybersecurity iOS app, using an object-action conceptual model as the foundation.
Job Scheduler
Aug 2020 - Nov 2020
A job scheduler is the brain that decides what process runs when and how. This is an attempt to improve the debugging experience through a context-driven DAG (directed acyclic graph).
Job scheduler for connected processes
New navigation proposal for IBM Cloud Pak for Data
Coming soon

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Nov 2019 - Jul 2020
An objects-based approach to an information architecture overhaul of a complicated data platform; how to redesign a 30+ item navigation.
Coming soon

Malwarebytes for Android

Jun 2018 - Jun 2019
A complete redesign focused on addressing usability issues, adding new features, and implementing a new design system.
Malwarebytes for Android dashboard
Looking for more work? Here are some not-so-recent works.

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